HQ Coastal Command, besides responsible for coastal defence of Pakistan, actively participates in numerous welfare activities for coastal communities along the Sindh and Makran Coasts under the banner of Sahil Welfare Association (SWA). Sahil Welfare Association (SWA) was established on 13 April 2014 by HQ Coastal Command in collaboration with Bahria Foundation to contribute in the socio-economic uplift and human resource development of the coastal areas of Pakistan essential for their national integration, promote conducive environment for local population for education, health and community empowerment.
Zakat is one of the basic pillars of Islam and forms the core of socio-economic system in Islamic Society. The love and sympathy shown to the poor by way of Zakat donations build up trust among classes of society, cement them together and make them progress towards peace and harmony with firm resolve. It is for this reason Islam directs to pay Zakat to the poor and needy as an obligation and declares it essential for prosperity, social health and spiritual uplift. HQ Coastal Command / SWA every year, prior to and during Ramadan, collects Zakat from affluent strata of our society and distribute to the bereaved families of the coastal and creek areas in the shape of ‘Ration bags’. Alhamdulillah! This year 3,449 ration bags amounting to Rs 7.2 M were distributed among the poor and needy people of coastal / creek region. This activity will be continued in future as well.
We urge all Muslims to come forth and help their deserving brethren and submit your Zakat and other donations to HQ Coastal Command / SWA. Allah Almighty will certainly deliver you with His Mercy and Kindness benevolently, on the Day of Reckoning.
Account Title: Sahil Welfare Association-Main Account
Account No: 01-4001-0133-3462 (Meezan Bank, Boat Basin Branch)
HQ Coastal Command ensures that your Zakat / Alms are in safe hands and will certainly be distributed / utilized amongst deserving people, along the coastal belt of Pakistan.

Zakat Article & Ration Distribution