The Association is functioning as a non profitable subsidiary company of Bahria Foundation (BF) under the control of Committee of Administration (COA).  It has a General Body comprising of members who would donate and contribute towards the projects of the Association / PN.  An executive body namely, Board of Directors manage the functioning of this organization.  All directors are honorary and do not draw any remuneration or benefits from the Company.  The Board of Directors comprises of nine members i.e. five representing BF; and four civilian members representing the General Body. The directors from civil sector will be elected for a stipulated term of three years.


An organization of the willing and motivated individuals, groups and companies dedicated to empower the people of coastal areas of Pakistan and improve their quality of life and livelihood. Concurrently, develop the maritime potential of the country to promote prosperity and national security.


To contribute in the socio-economic and human resource development of the coastal areas of Pakistan essential for civil-military harmony and national integration, promote conducive environment for serving naval personnel and under take welfare projects for the retired naval personnel as well as general public in coastal areas.


All members of the General Body including BF are required to contribute to establish following endowments:

  1. Education
  2. Health Care
  3. Coastal Area Socio-Economic Development

Donations from Government, individuals, companies as well as NGOs (subject to authorization by COA / NHQ) will be taken for these purposes.


  • To provide quality education facilities and free/subsidized education including boarding and lodging, books, stationery, school uniform and transportation and scholarships
  • To provide health care facilities, medical centres, maternity homes, diagnostic labs and medical camps, ambulances and medical evacuation facilities at local level and through naval hospitals in other cities
  • To undertake potable water projects and rain water harvesting projects
  • To provide re-employment opportunities for the retired naval personnel and help them in developing their businesses